Transline Group Increases Efficiencies With Expenses Cloud Technology

Expenses has reduced the time Transline Group spend on expenses administration so staff can spend more time on value-added activities and by utilising the mobile app, staff can easily claim expenses on the move.

  • Staff can claim expenses on the move, via the mobile application
  • Enables reporting on staff expense claims
  • Efficiently integrated into Transline’s existing Sage Journal system
  • Reduces expenses administration, enabling staff to spend more time on other value-added activities


Transline Group is a human resources organisation specialising in the recruitment of temporary workforce and recruitment of permanent staff, helping Blue Chip Online Retail companies to expand into new areas by meeting and exceeding the growing staffing needs.

The number of temporary and permanent staff Transline has at any one time fluctuates depending on time of year, having upwards of 25,000 temporary staff during peak busy periods such as the run up to Christmas. During quieter times, that number would be closer to 10,000.

Transline Group now spans more than 170 sites across the UK, as well as having mature operations in Eastern Europe, Canada and Thailand

History of Expenses at Transline Group

Previously Transline had an entirely paper-based expenses process, allowing one claim submission per month, with mileage being the main claim area. Staff were required to fill in spreadsheets and to send all receipts to the purchase ledger team, who check, approve and manage the staff expenses. Each receipt was checked individually and items such as mileage were checked using Google Maps. Claims are then forwarded to the relevant national manager for approval.

“It was a very time-consuming process,” says Nicola Bond, Purchase Ledger Manager at Transline Group. “At the time, it was only myself and one other colleague having to check and validate expenses claims for the whole company, which was on top of our other duties. We don’t just do monthly reporting, we also do weekly accounting which meant my colleague and I lacked time to focus on other tasks in our roles.”

Lost receipts were a big problem, whether lost in the post or not included with the Expenses claim. Without a receipt, the expense item would not be paid leaving employees out of pocket. 

Currently there are 300 employees’ regularly claiming expenses each month.

Cloud-based expenses system

In 2014, Transline looked to move its paper-based process to a cloud solution. Software Europe’s Expenses technology was chosen to manage all expense claims for the company.

Nicola says, “We chose the Software Europe Expenses system as it is straightforward to use, it was easy to deploy, and takes up so much less time than our process before.”  

As part of the implementation, the Expenses system was integrated with Sage Journals, which were already in use for other suppliers to Transline Group. 

Reducing time and paperwork 

Transline no longer needs to keep the original paper receipts for expenses claims. Instead, receipts can now be scanned and attached electronically to a claim, which dramatically reduces the amount of paperwork, associated filing and storage for expenses claims, which was the case prior to implementing Expenses.

Nicola commented: “The biggest thing for us is that it’s much easier to let the claimant know if things are wrong with their claim. Software Europe’s Expenses allows us to highlight when a claim is incorrect or has missing information, and the reasons why. It helps individuals understand what information they need to provide to have their claims approved, and in some cases it stops individuals abusing the system - they know what’s acceptable and what isn’t - and a claim will be rejected if the policy isn’t followed.”

She continued: “The majority of users understand how to use the system with minimal training, but I give all new starters a walk through. The system gives claimants full visibility of their claim, past, present and current. It has cut down on emails asking what stage an expense claim is at. There was a lot of email traffic beforehand which was taking up a lot of my time - that’s the real positive of the system. The feedback from staff using the system day to day has been very positive.”


A small group of Transline claimants are using Software Europe’s Expenses Mobile application so that they can record, track, process and approve their expenses when away from their desks by using a smartphone. 

One of Transline’s Expenses policies is that all claims need to be submitted before the cut off date at the end of the month, otherwise a claim will not be authorised or paid. 

“Employees are using the app and the feedback is they’re finding it really useful. It’s good for me, too,” said Nicola. “It gives staff another option for submitting expenses. A claim can be complied in ‘real time’ as they go about their day, so those that may not have had time are now able to take advantage of the app and submit claims on time.” 

Reporting and ongoing support

At any one time, the purchase ledger team could be handling as many as 60 unprocessed claims at any one time, particularly during peak times. With Expenses, the team is able to process and approve claims quickly and accurately, allowing them to forward claims to national managers for approval.

Outstanding or unapproved claims are detailed in reports produced by the purchase ledger team, allowing them to contact the appropriate manager to ensure all expense claims are approved and paid to employees in a timely fashion.

“That’s a great part of the system – I can quickly identify what stage a claim is at, and who it is with to progress. Claims can be held up but with Expenses it’s easy to resolve.

Nicola concludes: ”Customer support from Software Europe is excellent. They set us straight. The team is always quick to respond to any support calls and there is also good guidance on their support site which is kept up to date with helpful information.”