NHS Expenses Mobile V3 - It's Here!

NHS Expenses Mobile replicates the entire claim and approval process of Software Europe’s NHS Expenses.

Record, submit, track and approve expenses on the go without the need to power up your computer. Expenses Mobile for iPhone®, Android™ and Windows Phone now enables you to manage the entire claim process in the palm of your hand, from submitting your full claim with digital receipts, to the one click approval. (Please note: This app supersedes Expenses360).

GPS mileage technology enables pinpoint accuracy so you can effortlessly record your journey, saving you time and reducing error.

The bi-directional interface with ESR removes the need to input or duplicate personal details which are already stored. It has never been easier for NHS claimants to manage their expenses on the move.  Simply log, snap and send.

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NHS Expenses using GPS technology.

GPS technology pinpoints your exact start and stop location to accurately calculate the distance travelled by employees, managers can be assured that claims are 100% accurate with no need to double-check. In addition Agenda for Change and Home to Base mileage is taken care of.

All taken care of on your mobile device.

  • Easy, quick and accurate claim entry – no need to input or duplicate what your Electronic Staff Record (ESR) already holds or vice versa.
  • Supports your NHS organisation’s policy – both local and Agenda for Change.
  • Home to Base mileage calculations.
  • Flagged out of policy claims.
  • Submit for approval without needing to log on to NHS Expenses online. 
  • One click approval of claims.
  • Keep personal details up to date – changes reflected in your Electronic Staff Record (ESR).
  • Available for both your work and personal mobile device.


Reduce time and costs, increase productivity…

NHS Expenses Mobile replicates the entire claim and approval process of Software Europe’s NHS Expenses. The market leading employee expenses solution designed for the NHS, the solution helps to reduce time and costs and increase productivity amongst payroll and finance teams.

•    Self-registration makes it easy to get started with Expenses.
•    Easy to approve expenses, with so many benefits for line managers.

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