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Software Europe provides exceptional software solutions to increase efficiency, productivity and profitability.

Our employee expenses management system saves time by allowing your employees to input their claims faster than a paper-based method. With policy, HMRC, TAX and VAT amounts already programmed into the system, the increased compliance will help your organisation realise a reduction in spend from a more efficient process. Expenses provides a unique bi-directional interface with ESR, and is used by 65% of the NHS.

Smartphone app with GPS >>
Taking business processing automation to the next level, Expenses360, currently available for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry, makes on-the-go expenses management even easier.

Do you know when your contracts need renewing? Do you know the termination period for each? Make sure you never miss a deadline again with our contract management solution. Take control of contracts, their associated suppliers, services and products, and realise the benefits of minimising risks and liabilities to manage the financial implications. Work in the NHS? Visit the Framework Health site here.

What is the estimated number of forms completed by each employee in a year?
Bottlenecks and lost paperwork open the door for many problems; accessed through your browser, GreenLight eliminates the need for paper-based forms and requests, and make the whole process far simpler.

Corporate Diligence
Welcome to the new way to complete the due diligence process for Mergers and Acquisitions. You need to provide accurate, invaluable information, and your client needs this information as quickly as possible. The structured check lists and risk tracking system mean that decision-making can begin early in the process.