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Employee Expenses Management Software

The most configurable solution on the market, Expenses is the global online solution that provides a simple process for employees to submit, authorise, reimburse and audit employee business expenses. In addition the fully Expenses Expedite the outsourced receipt processing service removes the burden of the whole process for you.

We provide a solution that helps you:


Cut processing
Increase productivity. Reduce the amount of time spend completing, approving, processing and reimbursing employee expenses by at least 50% for all individuals involved.

    Control panel

Ensure policy compliance
Safeguard liabilities. Automatically collect the information required for the accurate treatment of HMRC reporting, Tax and VAT and benefits in kind. 


Enhance policy management
Tighten controls. Analyse your T&E spend using our extensive reporting suite. Identify spend patterns, drill down to every item and develop policies to further reduce costs.


Comply with your corporate social responsibility
Manage your responsibilities. Measure, analyse and define your carbon footprint. Govern your duty of care to employees driving on business. 


Remove bottlenecks
Free up even more time so your staff can concentrate on what they do best. Farewell to lost receipts and hello to an even smarter solution, Expenses360.


Choose a solution that is designed for your organisation’s needs.

Why Software Europe?

With over 25 years of experience Software Europe has developed and delivered Expenses to organisations across the globe. With our exceptional customer service model, customers are assured of receiving the very best implementation of Expenses which is both quick and simple but most importantly tailored to your organisation’s needs.

With its flexible configuration, Expenses has been developed for all industries. Working closely with the NHS, Expenses has been configured to fit seamlessly into the employee reclamation process. Enforcing Agenda for Change expenses policy and tightening control over your expenses. Expenses also provides a bi-directional interface with ESR and is the product of choice for over 65% of the NHS workforce. 

Key features

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