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Employee Expenses Management Software

Simplifying the way you submit, authorise, reimburse and audit employee business expenses... saving you significant time and money.

Expenses is our award winning online solution that speeds up every element of managing employee expenses. It is an extremely flexible solution that we can adapt to fit seamlessly with your existing processes, ensuring your new Expenses solution is up and running swiftly and with minimum disruption to your business.

Our Expenses Expedite service can support your colleagues throughout the whole expenses management process…even reimbursing the claim into their chosen bank account. 

Hundreds of organisations around the world have already benefited from Expenses. Expenses also provides a bi-directional interface with ESR and is the product of choice for 65% of the NHS workforce.

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The Expenses advantage

      • Cuts by 50% the amount of time spent on expenses management
      • Identifies spend patterns to help you further reduce costs
      • Fits seamlessly into your existing expenses processes, with no disruption to your organisation

Even more user benefits with...

      • Expenses Expedite, our outsourced receipt processing service that takes care of the whole expenses process for you
      • Smartphone & GPS: Expenses360, our handy app for recording, tracking and processing expenses on the move, helping speed things up even further and avoid lost receipts
Key features

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