Telford College Experience Automating Their Expenses

Telford College Automate Expenses To Accelerate Payments and Cut Down On Admin Time.

With approximately 23,000 students, and 575 staff, 200 of whom frequently claim expenses, Telford College looked at an automated solution in order to accelerate the process for payments to claimants, and cut down on administration time.

One of the key features why they chose Expenses as the appropriate solution was due to the innovative mileage calculation system which computes the exact mileage covered between two postcodes. This is particularly useful to the college in processing Assessor Mileage, where a high proportion of time is spent.

The main benefits which the college have seen is less paperwork, a greener process, increased compliance, and a faster process. Chris Roberts, Financial Clerk/Travel Expenses Administrator at Telford College, comments, “You can see what point every claim is at and they cannot be lost as with the old paper ones. Employees can log on anywhere and find what stage their claim is at and how much they will be paid”.

The reporting wizard which is integrated in the system allows payroll reports to automatically be created, with data broken down into spend by faculty, and total mileages per employee.

The customer service approach throughout the last 12-18months has been described as ‘excellent’, with Chris Roberts adding that “the back-up has been excellent. All queries are dealt with immediately, and if an immediate answer is not possible a response is sent ASAP. Your help desk is 1st class”.

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