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Streamline your employee relations function with an end-to-end employee relations online solution.

ER Tracker is a configurable and flexible solution for tracking, recording and monitoring all your employee relations cases. From the initial referral to HR, to the final step in policy, ER Tracker supports you all the way through the process.

Built around usability for the end user, with an advanced user dashboard, minimal clicking required and intuitive navigation, ER Tracker is simple to use yet rich in functionality.

Improved case management. WATCH VIDEO!

ER Tracker from Software Europe is a configurable and flexible solution for tracking, recording and monitoring all your Employee Relations cases. Built around usability for the end user and configured around your individual company’s HR policy, ER Tracker improves compliance, increases visibility and reduces case management errors.

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Cloud Modernises Employee Case Management

Learn how 5 Boroughs Partnership NHS Foundation Trust are finding it easier to reduce the operational complexity of managing multiple employee relations cases.

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Cloud Modernises Employee Case Management

Policies and improved productivity

Take your HR policies and turn them into manageable and clearly visible stages and steps. HR policies often have time frames, especially for key steps. ER Tracker allows all steps to have a completion time frame added so that the ER team can focus on cases that are coming up for action.

Reminder email alerts and SMS alerts

When important steps in an ER case are due or overdue, automatic reminders can be sent to the case handler to ensure action can be taken. ER Tracker has optional SMS alerts, allowing users on the go to keep up to date with upcoming and overdue items.

Integrated emails

ER Tracker eliminates the need to manually add attachments and emails to any employee relations case. Users can send emails and correspondence with recipients being able to reply back with all of the documents saved against the case in one single place.

Letter templates

Users can choose from a selection of letter templates for correspondence that is required to be sent out. Letter writing is a quicker process and consistency of content is increased reducing the risk of any vital information being omitted.

Real time dashboard

ER Tracker’s dashboard allows you to view a summary of all open and closed cases, upcoming cases requiring action, cases that are overdue and cases where an employee is suspended.

Line manager view

Line managers in HR can view their subordinates cases and dashboard, enabling the review of caseloads and progress of individual cases to assist in keeping cases on track.

Flexible user permissions

ER Tracker has user access roles that provide the HR team with control over individual permissions for each case – locking down cases securely or having broader access control to cases, you can configure who can see and do what. Sensitive cases can be managed discretely by reducing access to specific cases of places.

Equality and fairness

Building your HR policies into ER Tracker creates a fair and level playing field that will ensure employees follow the same stages and steps when going through an ER case. ER Tracker can run reports on all your ER cases enabling you to measure and improve processes including reporting on protected characteristics to fulfil obligations under the public sector equality duty.